Snowy owl sightings up in Wisconsin

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FOX VALLEY, Wisconsin (WBAY-TV) With a click of a finger nature photographer Derek Diehl - hopes to capture a snowy owl moment.

"It is the biggest thrill, I remember my first snowy was about two years ago,” Diehl said. “And it was way out in the corn field and you could just see this speckled dot, I was so tickled pink."

He took photos of the owls just a week ago.

Wisconsin DNR says it looks like it will be another big year for Snowy owl sightings.

The DNR's website says that there's been at least 69 individual snowy owls sightings statewide as of Nov. 20. That 's way more than three found in the state at this time last year. 82 were found in the winter of 2015-16.

A naturalist told us where they typically live.

"Looking for vast open treeless areas, so wide open farm fields, airports, the lakeshore," said Debbie Nowak, Naturalist at the 1000 Islands Environmental Center

And while observing the snowy owl, wildlife experts say it's important to take precautions.

"Make sure not to stress the birds, when you view them make sure to view them from a distance,” Nowak said. “If you are driving around some of those country roads and you spot them just view them right from your car don't get out. The slamming car doors, the movement stresses them out."

A northern sight enjoyed close by.

"You don't have to go up to the Arctic Circle, their literally right in our backyard," said Diehl.