Bingo game helps to raise money for Whisper Hill Clydesdales

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FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WBAY) - An effort is underway right now to prevent a Fond du Lac County-based non-profit that uses therapy animals to help others from having to close.

Therapy animals on the Whisper Hill Clydesdales therapy farm in Fond du Lac County (WBAY photo)

What seems like your average bingo game was actually people stepping up for a cause, and the hope that the big winner is eventually the Whisper Hill Clydesdales therapy farm in Fond du Lac County. We first told you about Whisper Hill Clydesdales' financial problems back in September.

Founder Tim Wiskow said, "We have our Clydesdales, our ponies, our goats, sheep, llamas, and what we do is we actually travel all over Wisconsin or Northeast Wisconsin with the animals to nursing homes, hospitals, special events, and it's animal assisted therapy."

Wiskow started the farm about 15 years ago, but after a chronic illness nearly took his life back in 2017 he had to slow down, which caused him to fall behind financially.

"I had to put Whisper Hill on the backburner because of the fact that I am Whisper Hill," said Wiskow.

After sharing his story, a number of supporters have since stepped up, including the Brothertown Indian Nation, which offered up their hall to host bingo every Monday night.

Whisper Hill volunteer Sue Reich said, "I was thrilled when the first couple people walked in and we walked in and saw people had the tables saved and everything, so we were very excited to see that there are quite a few people here already."

To save Whisper Hill, about $30,000 needs to be raised by the end of this year.

So far they're about a third of the way, and Wiskow says with events like bingo, he's optimistic of reaching it.

"I'm pretty confident that you know somebody upstairs is watching over us, and he doesn't want us to let this, you know, this therapy program end."