Biking to school inspired an Ashwaubenon family's lifelong passion

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - More bicyclists will be on the road next week as children return to school. For an Ashwaubenon family, cycling started as a fun way to get to school. It turned into a lifelong passion.

"As we're biking over here today, Alex and I, I commented to her, I don't think we've actually done this ride together for 15 years," says Peter Flucke.

Peter Flucke and his daughter, Alex, have probably pedaled thousands of miles since then. But that ride to school marked the beginning of this generation's love of cycling.

"I think I biked with my dad almost everyday in second grade. And in third grade, he let me go on my own," Alex Flucke says.

Starting in elementary school, Alex and her older sister, Melissa, opted for two-wheels. It was a tradition and passion that started with dad at the same age.

"I love this time of year. I still remember the excitement of their first day of school," Peter Flucke says.

The Flucke girls loved the sport as young kids. Then came that stage when they rebelled against their parents. But there was something in their blood that brought them back to biking.

"I actually did my first 100 mile bike ride with my dad this summer," says Melissa Flucke. "So I'm starting to get back into it and it is a really good lifelong sport for people to do."

Melissa is now a school psychologist. She sees the health benefits cycling has for her students.

"It's really good for your brain an for your body just to get ready for your day," Melissa says. "Instead of sitting in a car and then sitting in class all day, you get a little exercise before you get to school."

It's a family affair. Peter and his wife, Tracy, teach bike safety around the country. Their daughters bike for fun and transportation.

Alex has seen the world from a bike seat. She hopes others do the same, discovering the joy and confidence as a child to keep them pedaling for life.

"It's just an easy way to get around, so I think that's why I like it," Alex says.