Bellevue has room to grow. Now it needs a plan.

(WBAY photo)
(WBAY photo)(WBAY)
Published: Sep. 20, 2019 at 8:28 PM CDT
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The Village of Bellevue needs input from residents and business owners as it plans for the future. During the month of October, the village will hold community engagement meetings to develop a strategic plan for the next five years.

Since 2003, when Bellevue incorporated into a village, its population has nearly doubled to more than 16,000 people.

There's been a lot of business growth as well.

"As you go down GV/Monroe Road, you'll see a lot of development there with the Costco obviously going there a few years ago. We've got a couple residential developments out on the east side of town here, and that's really where we see a lot of growth moving forward," Jared Heyn, assistant to the village administrator, said.

But before the village grows any more, it wants to hear from the people who live and work in Bellevue.

"We're really hoping to get as much public input we can throughout the month of October regarding big visionary statements of what matters most to residents and other stakeholders in the Village of Bellevue," said Heyn.

Heyn says economic development will be just one part of the village's strategic plan, though.

"A big thing is always public safety -- fire department, police services -- green space and parks is another one, infrastructure is a very important matter as well, so roads, water, sewer."

The public input meetings will be held on Thursdays in October. Residents can also weigh in online.

While the village has grown tremendously over the past decade, more decisions need to be made.

"We're only about 50 percent developed in terms of residential development and urbanized area. The rest is largely agricultural, so there is plenty of room to continue to grow."