Bellevue Festival Foods staff praised for quick actions during fire

Fire extinguisher on flame background.

BELLEVUE, Wis. (WBAY) - An employee put out a fire at Festival Foods in Bellevue Friday morning.

At about 5:06 a.m., Bellevue Fire & Rescue was called to the grocery store at 2534 Steffens Court for a report of an electrical fire near the deli.

Firefighters arrived to find the store full of smoke and they noticed an electrical smell.

"The fire alarm was not active, and occupants did not evacuate," sasy Acting Battlion Chief Trent Smits.

A delivery truck driver noticed the fire and alerted grocery store staff. An employee used a portable fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

Firefighters used electric fans and opened doors to vent the smoke.

The air was determined to be safe.

The fire started in an electrical box. It spread to some shelving.

"Bellevue Fire & Rescue reminds everyone the importance of having and using portable fire extinguishers. Without the quick thinking of Festival Foods staff, this incident could have been much worse," says Smits.