BelGioioso Cheese Opens New Plant

DENMARK, Wisc (WBAY) A Brown County cheese-making company is expanding, again.

It continues amazing growth for BelGioioso Cheese, and there are three reasons the company's founder credits for his family's success.

Political unrest in his home country of Italy, and a dream of a new life for his family, that brought Errico Auricchio to Northeast Wisconsin in 1979.

"We came here to make cheese and Wisconsin is the best place, I always say if you want to make movies you go to California, if you want to make cheese you come to Wisconsin," says Errico Auricchio with a chuckle.

What's happened since Auricchio started in one little building near Denmark, making just provolone, goes beyond his wildest dreams.

"Obviously I never thought it would grow as much, it's been really unbelievable and fortunate I guess that we have grown so much," says Auricchio, BelGioioso Cheese founder and president.

With the opening of this new 100,000 square foot plant in Denmark, BelGioioso now operates ten manufacturing facilities around the area producing 27 varieties of Italian cheese, and employs more than 700 people.

In a highly competitive market, Auricchio credits these three factors for helping BelGioioso continue to grow.

The first, is top quality, fresh milk from local farmers.

"Milk I'll tell you this, is the most important part of making the cheese," says Auricchio.

Second, top-notch cheese products.

"And we are good cheese makers, that make good cheese," says Auricchio with a smile.

And third, great employees.

"Many people have been here 20, 25, 30 years, some are starting to retire, unfortunately some of the good ones are starting to retire," says Auricchio.

"People that start working at BelGioioso, they stay at BelGioioso," says BelGioisoso Vice President of Marketing Oscar Villarreal.

Despite all of his company's success, Auricchio has no plans of slowing down.

"The future is more of the same, there's room to grow, there's still areas of new products, new areas of business we can cover," says Auricchio.

BelGioioso's new plant in Denmark will be used solely for making fresh mozzarella cheeses, and be home to 50 new employees.