Becoming an empty nester

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Many parents will have a little quieter home this school year as they send their child off for the next step in life.

Kristi Flueckinger Kiley is taking one last spin on the zippin pippin with her youngest child before Bethany leaves their Manitowoc home for college in Nebraska. And mom is really starting to feel it.

"Honestly, I try to avoid looking at her because I know the waterfalls will start going," said Kiley.

Since every parent goes through it, Kiley is turning to online support from parents who feel her pain.

"We kind of have a little Facebook group right now. We just named ourselves "The Empty Nesters." And we can go there and talk about our feelings and how things are going," said Kiley.

Home and Life improvement website, The Spruce, suggests filling your emptiness and extra time with new things: go back to school, learn a new language, revive your love of the musical instrument you used to play and more.

Bethany's mom is taking a photography class and plans to show her quits at craft shows in between lots of texts to her daughter.

"She says she's only going to call me once a week, but I'm going to text her more than that," said Kiley.

And it can still be tough for the child moving away.

"It's gonna be hard, but I'll be back for the summer and for the breaks. She won't be alone forever," said Bethany Kiley.

Empty nest is also a great opportunity to get back in touch with your spouse.

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