Bay Shore Park damaged again by latest storm

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 3:14 PM CST
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Some major clean-up and repairs will be needed before a popular Brown County boat launch can open next spring.

The only good thing about the mess is the timing of it.

With the boat launch and harbor closed for the winter, last weekend's storm did quite a number at Bay Shore County Park.

"Severe winds -- and really it's that north-northeast wind that blows right down into the bay and causes that seiche effect to increase the water depths significantly, and this was one of the most severe storms since the 70's that happened to hit at Bay Shore," says Brown County Parks Director Matt Kriese.

The damage is significant, and before repairs can be made next spring, Kriese says several dumps trucks will be needed to haul away what the storm left behind.

"Water started to get underneath the asphalt and break that asphalt into pieces and start to erode some of the underlayment under the asphalt, as well as the typical things we've seen this year and that's the debris, the logs, the pieces of dock. All the debris that was out in the bay has to go somewhere," says Kriese.

With the bay and Lake Michigan near record high water levels and causing continuous issues at Bay Shore, Kriese says the parks department is currently studying ways to alleviate future problems.

"We need to repair that so it's usable the next year, but we're not going to develop new infrastructure until our Harbor Design Master Plan is in place, and that's when we'll truly start to look at our infrastructure and develop it for future needs," says Kriese.

One option being discussed is raising the parking lot at Bay Shore Park.

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