Bay Port High School student charged with terrorist threat

HOWARD, Wis. (WBAY) - A 17-year-old Bay Port High School student is accused of making terrorist threats along with other criminal charges after students found a message on Snapchat threatening to shoot up the school.

The Brown County Sheriff's Office arrested Javon Kempen Monday evening after a swift investigation. The boy appeared in court Tuesday with a public defender, and bail was set at $1,000 cash.

According to the criminal complaint filed Tuesday:

A school resource officer was alerted at 8:30 Monday morning after a teacher at Bay Port discovered the threatening message, "Bay Port High School Suamico WI I'll shoot this ---- up no hesitation."

The complaint says about 15 parents took their children out of school, and the school received calls from parents who heard about the threat.

A teacher said some of her students identified Kempen as the person who posted the message, and the resource officer recognized Kempen's nickname as the name on the Snapchat account.

Brown County sheriff's deputies worked with Snapchat and Sprint to locate the sender of the message and traced it to Kempen's grandmother's house where he lives.

They found marijuana in his room but did not find any firearms. They also found BBs but did not find a BB gun.

Kempen is a junior at Bay Port but he takes online classes and isn't allowed on school property because of fights with other students and drug use at the school. He was at the school Monday and said he wanted to come back, but he was told that wouldn't be allowed. "This made him upset, and this is when we believe he made the post," the investigator wrote.

In addition to the felony charge of making a terrorist threat, which carries up to three-and-a-half years in prison, he's also charged with misdemeanor possession of THC, and violating a non-secure custody order.

A court commissioner placed Kempen in his grandmother's custody last year after he was charged with battery and disorderly conduct in Brown County.