Baths for the Brave surprises local veteran with new shower

LITTLE CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY) - Friday, days before Veterans Day, the community surprised a local veteran with a new shower system.

Tundraland CEO Brian Gottlieb (right) shows veteran Richard Doering (middle) his new shower system, installed as part of the national Baths for the Brave program (WBAY photo)

Richard Doering of Little Chute says his vision is failing, which makes walking down stairs to his shower difficult.

So Tundraland presented him with a new shower through the national Baths for the Brave program.

"It's the tip of the ice burg for me to get treated like this for Veterans Day. It really is. And I'm blessed that I'm a chosen one, because there's a lot of us out there that probably got a lot of handicaps, too," Doering said.

Baths for the Brave describes itself as an organization of mostly small, family-owned home improvement companies. Friday was its "National Bath Crash for Veterans," when nine companies across the country each remodeled the bathroom of a deserving veteran in one day.