Basketball court installed at Menominee Nation Arena in Oshkosh

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OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) - Over the next 24 hours, the new basketball court will be laid down at Menominee Nation Arena.

The work comes as the Wisconsin Herd prepare to host their first home game in Oshkosh on December 1.

Kate Wyman is the marketing coordinator for the Menominee Nation Arena.

"Oh it's so exciting. It's actually feeling real to see it," she said. "You can actually picture where people are going to be playing and where everyone is going to sit to see it. So we're really excited and know the community is really excited as well."

The Wisconsin Herd was previously planning to play their first game in the arena on November 17, but the date was pushed back when delays forced the team to play their first few home games in Milwaukee.

The arena itself is in the final stages of construction which began back in March.

Wyman added, "The wood came from the Menominee Nation tribe. Their wood enterprise made this. We're about halfway in as you can see, and a really cool thing about this court is the center is interchangeable. So right now it's empty and we can also put the casino logo in there."

Besides the installation of the court, furniture is also arriving this week along with food and beverage for the concession area.

"It's just putting all the pieces together," said Wyman.

The public will get their first chance to see the inside of the arena and new court on Wednesday. That's when registrations will take place for the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot in the concourse.

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