Basement flooding a problem after rain, snow mix in Fox Valley

Published: Jan. 22, 2018 at 8:07 PM CST
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A mix of snow and heavy rain is causing basements to flood.

In the Fox Valley especially, sump pumps have been hard at work since Monday morning, and in some cases the water just doesn't have anywhere to go.

Some homeowners are seeing the effect on their basements with water getting in.

David Brehmer, vice president of ABT Foundation Solutions, said, "We've taken a ton of calls. Simply, the ground was already frozen, we got all of this rain and nowhere else to go. It's heading towards the basement. That and sump pumps, frozen discharges. If it can't pump, water can't get out."

That's the type of problem lots of homeowners have been dealing with. Many have seen constant ice build-up within the lines.

If not addressed, the ice can block the water from draining.

"When the discharge line is frozen, the pump is trying to pump but the water can't get out, so the best thing I recommend for people to do is first of all, take that discharge line off and let it shoot out onto the grass for right now," said Eric Turner, owner of ABT Foundation Solutions.

Other homeowners have seen standing pools of water right outside their basement window.

That, too, can pose a threat.

Brehmer added, "It's a freeze-thaw cycle, and it can create havoc on the walls as well. Just that expansion and contraction will allow walls to want to crack, or move in ways there not supposed to."

These issues are expected to stick around for as long as temperatures remain inconsistent.