How Automobile Gallery found second Bart Starr Corvette

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - We're just days from the Green Bay Packers season opener, and two pieces of Packers history are on display together for the first time ever.

PHOTO: The Automobile Gallery

The Corvettes quarterback Bart Starr received for winning MVP honors in the first two Super Bowls are together right now at The Automobile Gallery, 400 S. Adams St., in Green Bay.

Starr received the green Corvette after the 1966 Super Bowl and a red one after Super Bowl II.

The Automobile Gallery already had the green Corvette on display when the Packers called to ask if they could borrow it for a Bart Starr tribute event at Rawhide Boys Ranch in New London.

"At the same time they asked did we know where the second car is, and we had an inkling where it was," The Automobile Gallery's Kathryn Gardner said with a laugh, "but we weren't quite sure. We did a little research and we found it, and the owner decided that it would be great to have them together."

The owner of the red Corvette is Kris Erickson of Hortonville, who's owned the past 35 years.

The 1967 Greenwood Green Corvette is owned by Packers fan Steve Altieri.

Starr raffled off both cars and donated the money to Rawhide Boys ranch, which he co-founded.

The Corvettes will be gone September 16-18 for the Bart Starr celebration, then they'll be back on display at The Automobile Gallery until October.

Starr passed away on May 26.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the free Bart Starr celebration and to register to attend.

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