Baileys Harbor bears the brunt of the snowstorm

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BAILEYS HARBOR, Wis. (WBAY) - Baileys Harbor is bearing the brunt of a snowstorm that has dumped 20 inches (new figure) of snow on the Door County community.

Action 2 News reporter Aisha Morales and photojournalist Larry Zimney put on their boots and winter coats to cover the snow show produced by the lake effect.

We spent time with Bernie Friedenfels and his family. The job of digging out his daughter's car was a family effort. Bernie tells us he measured about 20 inches on his deck.

"Got up at 2 o'clock this morning, and went outside -- it had stopped snowing at that time -- and went outside and measured, had about 18 inches. I went out to the road, and nobody had come through for the night and it was a lot of snow."

Friedenfels says the snow is a lot of work but his family loves it. It's part of the life in Door County. While his daughter swept off the car, his son was on shovel duty.

Others enjoyed the day by strapping on the snowshoes and taking a trek out in the woods.

"As people are fleeing in the winter time, in Door County, this is our peak season, this is the season that we enjoy," says Tara Laclair. "It's so busy and crazy up here in the summer time but this is the time. It's just quiet, we don't have any cars, we don't hear anything, and it's just peaceful, and this is what we enjoy."

They say a day like this is when things slow down. Even with more snow in the forecast, they say "Bring it on."

"We have everything here," Laclair's snowshoeing buddy, Jodie Schartner, said. "We can walk out our backdoor, beaches, snowshoeing, we have it all. It's pretty unique to have that here."

Aisha Morales shared videos and photos on her Twitter. Follow her @AishalLMorales