Back-to-school traditions

Green Bay high school students walk pass school buses picking up students after school (WBAY photo)

(WBAY) - Tuesday is the first day of a new school year for most of the kids in Northeast Wisconsin.

It's both a challenging and a fun time.

How does your family get ready for going back to school? Do you have any fun traditions or rituals to send the kids off for another year? One last hurrah for the kids or warming up their brains?

"We also try to get them mentally prepared for a new classroom, new teacher, new friends. We get them excited about that," mom Christine Spettel, who sends her kids to Meadowbrook Elementary in Howard, said. "We open up our books and we make sure that we're boning up on our math and getting our reading done every day."

It's an exciting time for teachers, too, who may have a lot of new faces to learn.

"I really enjoy putting my classroom together, making it colorful, fun, exciting for the kids when they come in, welcoming, so everything's all ready so I can focus on the students," middle school teacher Carol Wilinski said.

Teachers say the next few weeks are key to getting to know their new students. Many have their own traditions to reach out to each individual child.

"The first day of school, actually, I have my students fill out a little form that gives me some information about them. And then over the next two weeks I try to write each of them a personal letter, just a little note letting them know that they're welcome in the class and I'm there to help them," high school Spanish teacher Ann Marie Nunez said.