Back 2 School: raising kind kids

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A recent survey in US News and World Report shows that bullying is a top concern for parents when it comes to a child's health, second only to obesity.

Bullying wasn't even on the top ten a decade ago, according to the experts at Moms Everyday.

Researchers say parents play the most important role in shaping the way kids treat each other. They recommend parents talk to kids about the three Cs: consideration, compassion, and consistency.

"When a peer falls, the child comes and says 'Oh are you okay?' Or when the child is able to readily share a toy that is popular," said Selma Caal, PhD.

Experts say it is important to remember that kids model the behavior of parents. If parents treat others with disrespect, kids are likely to mimic that behavior.

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