Back 2 School: What to watch at the checkout line

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - It's a bit overwhelming to think about all the items on back-to-school shopping lists. The last thing parents and guardians need to worry about is getting overcharged at the checkout line.

The National Retail Federation says families will spend more than $83 billion during back-to-school shopping. The organization expects a 10 percent increase in spending from 2016.

Action 2 News This Morning asked The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection about the accuracy of checkout price scanners.

"Last year 58,000 price scanners were inspected and the accuracy rate was 98.8 percent. That's pretty good. Wisconsin consumers can feel good that they're getting what they pay for basically," says Frank Frassetto, Wisconsin Department of Consumer Protection.

Checkout tips:

Write down prices on special sales before you hit the register. Consumer Protection says most pricing errors happen on sales items.

Keep an eye on the checkout display screen. You can say something immediately if you believe you've been overcharged.

Keep your receipt. Wisconsin law says if you've been overcharged, the store has to refund the difference.

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