Back 2 School: Homework advice from local parents and teachers

Published: Aug. 27, 2019 at 4:20 PM CDT
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Back to school is an exciting time. It can also be stressful as some students and parents struggle with homework habits.

"Parents" magazine recommends setting up a designated homework spot. Use the same spot each day. It helps students get in the homework mindset.

Consistency is important. Set a designated time for homework so kids known when it is time to focus.

Minimize distractions from screens, noise and siblings.

for more "Parents" advice on homework habits.

Northeast Wisconsin moms gave us their best practices for homework time.

"We really try to stress to our younger two that the older one, Landon, has a cut-out time in the afternoon--before he's allowed to do any type of fun, outdoor activities--where he has to complete his homework," says Jackie Off of West De Pere.

"That's actually one thing we're working on this summer is a quiet place with some desks and stuff for our kids to sit quietly by themselves," says Christine Spettel of Howard.

"As soon as they get off the bus, it's bathroom breaks, a little snack and then starting homework," says Deb Deleers of Luxemburg. "So that's the priority to get that done. Because that's when they have more focus."

For some families, homework can lead to family fights. "Parents" magazine recommends giving kids positive feedback when they do the right thing.

Teachers tell us they give a lot of consideration to how much homework they should assign.

"I think you can see by during the day, how you teach how much they're picking up, how the discussion is going during the day in the classroom," says Carol Wilinski, middle school teacher. "Maybe have a few examples for them to work on together and then alone, and then you can see--have they picked it up? Do they need extra help, extra work?"

"I do still feel that it's good for them to have at least 10 or 15 minutes of practice each day because, especially with Spanish, most of them don't practice outside the classroom. So it's good to have at least some. But I try not to give them too much," says Ann Marie Nunez, high school Spanish teacher.

Teachers tell us the increasing use of technology and online resources make it easier to stay in touch with students. Teachers say students and parents should not be afraid to reach out with questions.

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