Back 2 School: Fun tips for getting kids ready for Preschool

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Children across Northeast Wisconsin will mark a milestone as they start Preschool this fall. It's an emotional moment and one that can cause anxiety for both parents and children.

There are fun ways to prepare for the big step during these final days of summer.

Tracy Blahnik is an Early Childhood Instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. She recommends making a "countdown chain" out of glue and construction paper.

"Maybe start it from the open house you may be attending together, and then just do like four or five, because you don't want to make it an anxious experience. You want it to be as fun and enjoyable as possible," says Blahnik.

Parents and guardians can also help the little ones practice opening a lunch box and containers. Help them put on their shoes.

Have story time at home or go to a story hour at the library.

Introduce counting and the alphabet during every day activities.

"If I was making a snack, I might have them count the grapes or the cereal. So not forced, but just fun," Blahnik says. "Or if I had chalk, I'd bring it outside and draw the letters and I'd say can you find the M and the A and the R and the Y. The letters in their name."

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