Back 2 School: Finding the balance with after-school activities

Published: Aug. 28, 2019 at 5:03 PM CDT
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Kids and teens find joy in after-school activities like sports, music and clubs.

Sometimes they have too much going on. That can cause stress, anxiety and trouble concentrating at school.

Some kids push themselves to be in extra-curriculars.

Parents should consider reasons for putting children in after-school clubs or activities. Is it because the kids want to do it? Or is it because parents want the kids to do it?

Parents should not be afraid to put limits on kids when it comes to extra-curriculars.

Action 2 News This Morning spoke with local parents for advice.

"We really try to limit how many different sports or extra-curricular activities they can do during each season and try to make sure that we don't have ones that are overlapping," says Jackie Off of West De Pere.

"I think my son would like to do two this fall, but we said just one. And it frees up time for our other kids to have activities, too," says Christine Spettel of Howard. "Because they're all at the age where they could be doing something."

"As an entrepreneur and business owner, I encountered that myself, and with having the kids, have learned to say no," says Deb Deleers of Luxemburg. "So they each get to pick an activity. They get one activity that they get to choose and participate in, and that's it."

Teachers tell us they can see negative effects in kids who are pushed too far with activities.

"Everybody needs a release. Everybody needs something to do outside of the classroom," says middle school teacher Carol Wilinski. "I think you just have to decide by your child's stress level how much is too much."

"A lot of them come in with two or three hours of sleep a night and it's really hard for them to concentrate in school then," says high school teacher Ann Marie Nunez. "And it's really important to have a balance in what you do, and that's for all of us in life."

Parents should go to a practice or meeting to see if their child is truly interested in the club or activity. If their heart's not in it, reconsider.

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