Back 2 School: Anxiety in Children

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Back to school is a time when kids can feel more anxiety.

Sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint and it can look different depending on the child.

"If you start seeing that their general quality of life is starting to diminish, they're not able to let go of things. They're not enjoying things they used to, they don't want to do things, they just want to stay at home. Then, I would start thinking okay maybe we need some help," said Psychologist Amanda Setlak.

Some thing to look for:

1). Kids no longer want to do activities, even their favorites.
2). Complain of stomach ache or headache at time of activity or school.
3). You want to encourage your kids to talk about their concerns, but experts say don't discuss at bedtime.
4). Anxiety can be a serious problem; If you feel it's overwhelming for your child get some professional help.

A couple of things you can do ahead of time: visiting school ahead of time, meeting the teacher, and walking their class schedule can help.

Also, let the teacher know how your child is feeling.

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