Back 2 School: How much juice kids should drink

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There are new guidelines for how much juice kids should drink and it might be less than you think.

A lot of us think juice seems like a healthy option for kids, but doctors say parents should limit how much kids have.

The American Academy of Pediatrics say kids ages 4-6 should only have four to six ounces of juice a day.

Kids 7-18 should have no more than a cup and babies under a year shouldn't have any.

Doctors say drinking juice can be harmful to kids' teeth because the sugar can linger on the teeth and cause decay.

"Every time I see a patient in clinic, I try to talk to them about the risks of juices -- kind of, the higher calories, the higher sugars, things like that, and trying to prevent those habits down the road, because with those higher sugars they get kind of used to that and kind of crave it a little more, too," said Dr. Rachael Ellis, Bellin Health Pediatrician.

These recommendations are talking about one hundred percent juice.

When it comes to fruit-flavored drinks, doctors say you should avoid those.

They say water and milk are best for your kids.

And if you're worried about your children not getting the vitamins they might get in juice, give them whole fruit. Experts say this is better than juice because of the fiber in it.

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