Back 2 School - Positive Parenting May Help Transition

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Action 2 News is helping you get you ready for Back 2 School.

Experts say parents can take steps to help kids transition back into the school year.

They say those steps will work better if you praise kids when they do them well, instead of being hard on them when they do things wrong.

Child specialists say one idea is to make a countdown calendar to school, so kids can mentally prepare themselves for the change.

Another plan is to read books about school to get them in the mindset.

And since, in summer, kids often go to bed later, move that bedtime a few minutes earlier each night--so they're prepared for the earlier wake-up for school.

Experts say if you tell kids good job with that earlier bedtime, they're more likely to want to do it the next night.

Family and Childcare Resources of Northeast Wisconsin parent educator Veronica Thomson says, "Having a decent amount of sleep can definitely impact that morning routine. when you have to get up early, for eight o'clock class, can be really hard."

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