Back 2 School - How to talk with kids about school safety

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Action 2 News This Morning wants to help you and your family get back 2 school. Although getting ready for school can be fun, there are also serious topics your kids might be concerned about.

One of them is how to discuss school safety issues with your kids and how to ease their fears--especially with gun violence and school shootings in the news.

Dr. Tiffany Born, pediatric psychologist with Bellin Health, joined Kathryn Bracho live in the Action 2 News studio.

Dr. Born told us it's important to let kids know violence at school is actually very rare, but it's good to talk to them about drills your school might have, and the things they can do if something scary happens at school.

"It's okay to be honest and validate that there are concerns and there are fears, but you want to come from a perspective that school is a safe place for them. And yes, there are these fears and you worry about those things as well, but there are a lot of adults out there working to keep them safe," says Dr. Born.