Back 2 School - Finding Good Child Care

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) Action 2 News is helping you get you ready for back to school.

Many parents face stress when looking for good after-school child care for school-aged kids -- and all-day care for their younger siblings.

Family and Childcare Resources of Northeast Wisconsin is what's called a child care resource and referral agency.

Those agencies offer free services to help families find child care that fits within their needs and budget.

Child care consultants say once you narrow it down to a few centers -- it's important to visit them yourself.

"Make sure that you're using all of your senses when you go through the program. What do you hear? Do you hear positive interactions with the teachers and children? Do you hear the children playing together? Does it smell good? Is it a safe environment?", Lisa Hirn, Early Childhood Consultant with Family and Childcare Resources of Northeast Wisconsin, says those are some of the questions parents should ask.

She also says some of the best resources might be people close to you.

"Your friends? Those are your first go-tos. Who do you take your children to? If they're your friends, a lot of times your values are the same as their values, and just asking them," says Hirn.

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