Artists sought to participate in New London mural project

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NEW LONDON, Wis. (WBAY)- If you think you're an artist, there's an opportunity in New London this weekend to be a part of a mural and raise money for the Wolf River Art League at the same time.

More than 3,800 squares on the outer wall of Amazing Low Prices in downtown New London are being painted to raise money for the Wolf River Art League (WBAY photo)

For the past week, the side of a building which houses Amazing Low Prices in downtown New London, has started to pop with color as the city's first mural project begins to take shape.

"You know it's a craze in the United States now, it's just going, well, everywhere. It's kind of the thing places are doing to express how they feel about their communities and what they love about life," said Lori Schneider, President of the Wolf River Art League.

The project began last week as volunteers paint over about 38 hundred squares, charging people $5 per square to craft their personal design.

Artist and organizer Season Polsin added, "As of right now all squares that are on the wall are businesses, families, individuals, they might be memories. There's a lot of awareness on the wall, so they've just been in contact with us throughout the week."

Some of the designs already painted include names, heart displays, and even sports.

If all of these spots fill up, it will raise $18,000, and that money will go to benefit future mural projects in the community.

Schneider said,"We're going to start next May, and we have forty sites available to paint here in New London. I don't know if we're going to get to all of them the first year, but we're going to be working hard on it next summer to make that become a reality."

Individual painting will take place Friday night during "Wheels on Water Street," and Saturday during "Fall Fest."