Army veteran finds money sent by Wisconsin scam victim

ATLANTA, Ga. -- A Good Samaritan in Georgia is being credited with helping a Wisconsin grandmother scammed out of thousands of dollars.

Darrius Thomas maintains a rental home near Atlanta, and recently found a package at the property addressed to someone he never rented to.

Inside was a calendar, which he says was lined in $100 bills totaling $8,000.

Thomas took the package to his local police department, who figured out a Wisconsin grandmother fell victim to a phone scam, where the caller claimed her grandson had been in a horrible car accident.

"The lady - when I went to the counter - I heard her yell back to a co-worker 'Nobody sends $8,000 through the mail,'" says Thomas. "I'm an Army veteran, so I did learn that integrity is important."

Police are working to return the woman's money, and also say they're hoping to arrange an award for Thomas.