Appleton couple aces daily double

Published: May. 26, 2020 at 5:41 PM CDT
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Carolyn and Steve Howe were in Florida preparing for a spring break trip for their golfers when COVID-19 shut down the country. Ultimately, the trip was canceled and the golf courses closed. The Howes were still in Florida when those courses re-opened; and two days later, lighting struck twice.

"We got paired together which never happens. Then, out of the blue, I hit a 7-iron on the sixth hole and it went right in the hole,” recalled Steve. Then, “we celebrated for about a minute and Carolyn teed up with the 7-iron out of her bag. Hit a beautiful shot and her ball rolled right on top of mine into the hole."

Back-to-back aces by the husband and wife. But there is still more to this incredible story. Steve continues the story. "We played in three's that day actually and we played with a guy from New York by the name of Fred Gip. After we made our hole-in-ones, he still had to take his shot, and he hit a great shot for two. So our threesome total was four on that par 3 hole, which is nuts...I've never heard of that happening. And it was Freddie's birthday."

For the Howe’s, their daily double came just 3 days after celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary. It went right to the top of the list of career golf achievements.

"You know we've done a lot of good things in our golf careers and you can't plan for something like this,” said Carolyn. “But it was definitely a moment, and one that we can share."

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