Appleton coffee shop expanding, adding brewery in Green Bay

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Green Bay, Wis. (WBAY)- Changes will soon be made to the former Hinterland Brewery in downtown Green Bay.

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The building's been bought by the owners of a popular Appleton coffee shop with ambitious plans to expand.

When the Hinterland Brewery leaves the building on Dousman Street for a new location near Lambeau Field after Saturday the new tenants, will be ready to go-- with their own plans to operate Copper State Brewing, a cousin company to a popular Appleton coffee shop.

"What we're trying to do is put our own stamp on a building that's been here as a brewery for a long time. So, we're taking out some of the walls on the first floor and really opening it up, putting in a big 30 foot long bar to make it feel a little more like a brewery and less like a restaurant," said Gregg Mattek, Co-owner of Copper State Brewing.

All the brewing equipment used by Hinterlands will stay in the building-- and Copper State says some of its own unique recipes will be tested and sold here offering customers a product that's unique to Northeast Wisconsin.

William Heiges is the owner of the Coffee Rock Coffee Company.

He said, "We'll be roasting the coffee on site fresh daily and we'll be kind of having a unique relationship with the brewery. We'll be doing a lot of different experimentation brews with coffee and beer."

Mattek added, "For a long time coffee and beer were commodities right, you just go grab a beer or coffee and nobody really put too much thought into it. Now, in both of those markets you've got informed consumers hat are searching out the best beans for their coffee and the best recipes for their craft beer."

The new owners will begin making changes to the building starting next Monday, with plans for a grand opening sometime in early June.

They also plan to hire 15 to 20 new employees with a job fair planned on April 8th and 11th.