Appleton budget continues position of Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator

APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - The annual hearing for the City of Appleton budget drew a large crowd Wednesday evening.

(WBAY photo)

The city's Twitter account says most people who came to speak at the hearing were concerned about funding being removed for the Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator position.

Before the start of the hearing, Mayor Tim Hanna announced the amendment to remove that funding wasn't going to be submitted.

"This position is important because by reporting directly to the mayor, I am responsible for the direction and the advisement to all of the department directors, and so by doing so it really helps all of the directors do everything from their strategic planning to their day-to-day operations what their employees with a purview what they're looking through the lens of diversity and inclusion," diversity coordinator Karen Nelson said.

The city has had the coordinator's position for 22 years.