Appleton airport reminds travelers of looming REAL ID deadline

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - If you're heading to the airport and you haven't upgraded your state driver's license to what's called "REAL ID," you're likely to get a warning.

TSA spokesman James Gregory told The Associated Press that employees who volunteer are sent to the border on 45-day rotations and can ask to stay longer. (Photo: DHS)

That's to make sure you're ready for the deadline of October 1 of next year. Otherwise, you might not make it past security.

At TSA checkpoints like the one in the Appleton International Airport, the screening process is now taking an extra step.

They're reminding passengers who don't have a REAL ID, which can be identified with a star in the upper right corner, that it will be a necessity a little more than a year from now.

"As the federal government has been tightening the federal ID requirements, they've been giving us plenty of notice. It's really been a three year process, and so now it comes time, where a year out, now we're going to start reminding you about it every time you travel," said Patrick Tracey, marketing manager at the Appleton International Airport.

The REAL ID is part of a process requiring all 50 states to impose similar requirements when issuing an ID.

Wisconsin has been doing it for about three years now, but to get one, there are some extra steps involved at the DMV.

Wisconsin DMV Administrator Kristina Boardman said, "You have to bring in some additional documents, pretty much like you're a brand new Wisconsin customer, and you have to have proof of name and date of birth, proof of your Social Security number, you need to make sure that you have legal presence, and also proof of your Wisconsin residency."

If you don't have a REAL ID after the deadline, in order to get through security you'll need either a passport or a federally issued ID.

You can find a list of what's acceptable on the TSA website (.

Tracey added, "So what we're really asking travelers to do is, if you're renewing your drivers license, be sure to get the REAL ID. If you don't have a REAL ID today, you have a year to get one and we suggest you do that."