Appleton Students Take Learning Outside of the Classroom

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - Students at Appleton's Kaleidescope Academy take learning outside the classroom today.

Kids clean up Appleton

A street on Appleton's north side is full of fallen leaves and 8th graders from Kaleidescope Academy. It's a project-based learning middle school that emphasizes technology. For the first time, as an entire 8th grade class, students are participating in a community service project.

"We want them to be decent human beings and that's part of just understanding how to help other people too, so doing that, getting them in the community, see what it's like to help others," says teacher Abby Jolma.

In all, the students tackled nine different yards.

"I wasn't that excited at first, but once I got into it, it was really fun," says student, Noah Schmidt.

Classmate Brandon Wilcox adds, "It's pretty fun and it's probably teaching us a little bit of discipline, I think."

Students raked and cleared brush, working as a team to help homeowners who needed it most.

Sharon Charles had the kids work in her yard. She said, "They were very careful. They wanted to get every leaf up that they could find. Hard workers, really really hard workers so I really appreciated it."

With the leaves all raked and the kids back in class, teachers say this project was a success because of the lifelong lessons that were learned.

Student Nathan Todzy said, "I think this is a very important thing in our community and it teaches us how to be more kind and compassionate for others."

While students not only did a good job, they also learned a valuable lesson. And future community service days will most likely be part of their regular curriculum.