Appleton Police release video of motorcycle club rivalry shooting

APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - Appleton Police have released video of a shooting they say is a result of a conflict between rival motorcycle clubs.

The shooting happened in broad daylight August 18 at the intersection of W. Prospect Avenue and S. Memorial Drive.

Video shows a man on a motorcycle fire multiple shots from a handgun at a truck turning north on S. Memorial Drive.

The biker is joined by several other motorcyclists. They are seen leaving the area going west on W. Prospect Ave.

"What we believe at this point is that the shooter belonged to one motorcycle club and that the intended target of the individual driving the dark colored truck belonged to another motorcycle club," Sgt. David Lund, Appleton Police Department, said.

The incident was captured by a city traffic camera, but because no one involved came forward, police aren't sure whether the driver of the truck was hit.

"We want to ensure that individual is physically fine, that they are not injured, that it's not a significant, life-threatening injury" Lund said.

Police say a handful of shots were fired, which leads to another big concern, that this happened in the middle of a busy residential neighborhood just blocks from the city's downtown in the middle of the afternoon.

"It would have been very easy for someone to become a victim outside the intended target. It certainly could have been that rounds could have gone into an adjacent house, into one of the vehicles that was either leaving the intersection or approaching the intersection, or if there had been someone out on that Saturday afternoon," Lund said.

Efforts are being made to identify the license plates of the truck and motorcycles.

If you have information, call police at 920-832-5500.

To remain anonymous, use the REPORT feature on the Appleton Police Department app.

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