Appleton Police investigate report of bullying at elementary school

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - Appleton Police say they are investigating a report of bullying in which an elementary school student suffered a head injury.

On Dec. 12, the School Resource Unit of an Appleton public school contacted police about an incident that happened during a school recess period.

"The complaint alleges a student received a head injury as the result of a bullying incident involving a fellow elementary student," reads a statement from the police department.

The Appleton Area School District posted a statement on its website saying it is aware of a recent bullying incident at Horizons Elementary School.

"While we are not able to address the specifics of any particular student matter, our investigation has shown that the school and the District did act appropriately to address the allegations brought forth," reads the statement.

To read the full statement from the Appleton Area School District, click here.

Thru a series of social media messages, Holly Lazzaro identified her 10-year-old son Kaiden as the victim.

Right now he's is still recovering after being attacked by a bully at Horizons Elementary School December 6th just before lunch. .

Lazzaro said, "When I went to go pick him up from school I could tell by his eyes something was wrong. The way he was walking, his eyes were dilated."

The incident came during a game of tag when Kaiden says he was placed in a head lock, and slammed to the ground by another student.

Afterwards he was sent back to class.

It was several hours later, that Kaiden's mother says she found out, and immediately took him to a doctor.

"He has a stage 2 concussion. They range from one to three. He is borderline three, but did not become unconscious, and then he has a stage one brain bleed," added Lazzaro who won't know for up two weeks whether her son's injury might require surgery.

Lazzaro has been outspoken about the incident over social media and wants the district to punish the kids responsible.

"Appleton area has a zero tolerance bully policy. It needs to be enforced," she said.

Since that incident, Kaiden has switched schools saying he fears going back to Horizons.

"Please know that we always have and will continue to take any and all situations of bullying or alleged bullying very seriously and will continue to collaborate appropriately with the Appleton Police Department to address these situations," reads the District's statement.

Appleton Police say a School Resource Officer will complete "a thorough investigation" of the incident.

Police did not identify anyone involved in the alleged incident.