Appleton Pastor's car 'stolen' for repairs

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY-TV) A community member thought his car was stolen; but actually, it was just getting fixed.

It's a strong finish for Lights of Christmas, a campaign WBAY proudly sponsors, that benefits low income families and the homeless.

In November, we saw police departments spread awareness for Lights of Christmas, a campaign started by Christian radio station Q90.

This year's finale: helping Pastor Alvin Dupree of Family First Ministries.

"He actually came up to the Q90 radio station to be on air,” Q90’s Katie Connell said. “I pulled in shortly after him and realized that his windshield was cracked. So we took it upon ourselves to say we want to bless him for Christmas."

Q90 reached out to Tri-City Glass & Door and learned the company replaced his windshield, free of charge.

"It was a no brainer for us, just to come down and help out with this project," said Tri-City Glass & Door’s Chad Parsons.

The next step was getting the car.

After getting the keys from Dupree's son, the heist happened Wednesday morning.

Dupree did call his car in as stolen, but Appleton Police were in on the surprise.

"He was remarkably calm about the whole thing, which is very admirable,” Appleton Police Captain Todd Freeman said. “So, things came together really nicely and it was fun to participate."

Dupree was eventually taken to his car

"It's a blessing, haha, it's a blessing,” Dupree said. “It shows unity in the word community, it shows unification."

A clear, not-cracked, example of community support.

"Although it's just a replaced windshield, it's a bigger picture of love that's demonstrated,” Dupree said. “Showing that we all are important that we all need each other."