Appleton North High School UNICEF club hosts open mic fundraiser

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - A group of students from Appleton North High School tried to have some fun Friday night while raising money for a cause that helps children whose lives are at risk in developing countries.

As part of an "open mic night" at the Copper Rock in downtown Appleton plenty of people signed up, whether it was to sing a song or read a poem.

All the money raised, went to a charity, called UNICEF.

Sophomore Kai Sano-Giles said,"UNICEF is a charity organization that's dedicated to helping children in third world countries that don't have the necessities they need in life. So, they don't have education, they don't have food, they don't have shelter, and it's just a program to help kids get what they need."

The event was organized by the Appleton North High School UNICEF club, which is still in its first year.

Many of the members are now trying to raise awareness.

"They talked to me about it and kind of explained what this club does and how it involves the community and I felt really passionate about helping the people who might be less fortunate than us and taking our time to just reflect on not only how lucky we are but how fortunate we are to help others, and I just think it's really powerful," said club member Amanda Padgett.

A $2 donation was requested of those who showed up.

There's no set goal but the last fundraiser for the club raised about $1500 for UNICEF.

"I want to help impact the change in another person's life. I want them to have the same, opportunities that I have in America," added club member Leona Wong, also a sophomore.

Sano-Giles said, "It's important because a lot of people don't really know what UNICEF is. It's not like one of the better known clubs and so getting involved in the community like this outside of our school is a good way to get people involved and to help UNICEF gain reputation and money."