Appleton International Airport opens grounds for EAA Airventure camping

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GREENVILLE, Wis. A popular way to travel to EAA AirVenture is of course by plane.

With high demand for places to stay, one area airport is offering something beyond a plain old campsite.

“It was the Midwestern welcome that this place is famous for," said Steve Morse, pilot from Ocala, Florida.

But that Midwestern welcome didn't come immediately for Morse.

The pilot says campsites were full in Oshkosh and Fond du lac, but he finally found space at Appleton International Airport.

His campsite is right next to his parking spot.

"This is now the most awesome thing that I could have imagined,” Morse said. “It started off no, we're not going to get into Oshkosh and now it's like 'hey this is pretty cool.’"

It’s $20 a night for pilots to park their planes and camp; 30 spots were made available during EAA AirVenture.

There's 21 camp sites filled as of this morning, but Appleton International believes all 30 will become filled over the next two days.

"Quieter and a little more relaxed pace,” Appleton International Airport’s Patrick Tracey said. “And we're finding out a lot of the EAA visitors like to get away from all the excitement."

The airport says this year has been such a success that plans have already been made to expand for next year.

"We already have plans for the hill right behind us here to add another 30 sites for next year," said Tracey

Attractions from AirVenture also make their way to the airport.

Wednesday it was a World War II B-29.