Appleton Area Storm Damage

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FOX VALLEY, Wis. (WBAY) - Wednesday's storm system produced more than a half dozen tornadoes across Northeast Wisconsin. An EF-1 tornado hit parts of Outagamie County.

Thursday was spent cleaning up.

"Just trying to pick this up, waiting for the landlord to send someone over, but might as well just do it yourself as opposed to waiting," says Bryan McCain of Appleton.

Trees are uprooted, utility lines are down, and homes and businesses have been damaged. The National Weather Service says the tornado that touched down in the Fox Valley carried winds close to a hundred miles an hour.

According to Jeff Last from NWS, "It looks like it started in the Fox Crossing area in far northeast Winnebago County and quickly moved to the northeast into this part of Appleton and did the damage here and then continued northeast for a ways."

Northeast of the Appleton damage is Kimberly where the tornado has disrupted life for residents and business owners. The power is still out for some as crews from across the state work to get it restored. People are simply trying to make the best out of bad situation.

Kimberly resident Suzanne Matula adds, "We have our generator going so the refrigerator is plugged in, the freezers plugged in, so we're good. We'll be alright."

And while the storm may have changed the landscape, everyone is just glad that no one was hurt.

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