Appleton Airport leans on outside workers during frigid temperatures

Published: Dec. 26, 2017 at 5:25 PM CST
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The chilling temperatures can make it tough for people working outside; but Appleton International Airport leans on its employees to keep operations on schedule.

"Just gotta go through it and be prepared," said Thomas Roeder Bolwerk of Allegiant Air.

He was prepared to work on airport grounds in sub-zero temperatures.

"You just got to bundle up, at least two sweatshirts on and a sweater and heat warmers underneath my glove," said Roeder Bolwerk.

Officials say really cold temperatures can actually be better for flights in winter because it rarely snows.

But the grounds crew and machines must be able to start and operate.

"Deicing trucks, baggage loaders, push-back tugs, so if anyone of those pieces isn't working that's going to cause a problem," said Patrick Tracey, Appleton International Airport Marketing Manager.

Five commercials airplanes stay overnight at the airport even through the frigid temperatures. But, Appleton Airport pumps warm air through them.

"We don't want the systems on the airplanes to freeze," said Tracey.

Planes are still able to take these flyers from our deep freeze to palm trees and the beach.

"Oh yeah, a block and a half from it, we'll be sitting in the sun and sand," said Kevin Buchman of Hortonville.