App creator works to bring opportunities to autism community

Published: May. 16, 2017 at 2:00 PM CDT
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In just a few months, a new app created in the Fox Valley will be sweeping the app store.

A group out of Combined Locks created – a creative app that works with everyone, but is having an especially positive reaction from people on the autism spectrum.

Work on first started about two years ago, but app president Craig Doriot and his team have been traveling across the United States in the recent months, finally promoting the program.

“It just makes storytelling more interesting,” Doriot says. “Much more vibrant that what we see today.” works as a creative app for all ages, where users can create different characters and scenery.

“It gives you the ability to paint, illustrate, draw characters, objects, scenes,” says Zeb Pirkey, the Relationship Manager for “You can use animation tools within the app to bring your creativity to life.”

While anyone can use the app, parents of children on the autism spectrum tell Doriot it’s been especially helpful.

“This is a tool that allows them, in their own safe workspace, to be creative, to get their talent out there, to even make money,” Doriot says. “And build a following without having all of the challenges of the social interactions that they would otherwise have to deal with.”

Doriot says because he has high functioning autism, that has actually helped him develop the app.

“There's some positives of it, there's a lot of negatives of it, because of the social difficulties,” Doriot says. “But there's a lot of positives. The ability to hyper focus, the math skills, the creative skills. I think those are tightly aligned.”

Right now is still in the kick starter phase, but should be available in the app store in the next few months.

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