Antiques Roadshow discovers hidden treasure in Green Bay

Published: Jun. 17, 2017 at 4:58 PM CDT
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Some lucky people are learning they are the owners of treasure on Saturday. Around 10,000 items are being appraised at Resch Center in Green Bay during the filming of next season's Antiques Roadshow.

A majority of the items being appraised will not be worth much value, out of over 16,000 people who applied for tickets, only 3,000 pairs of ticket holders will get a better understanding of what they own.

"I have these prints, which I found out are not worth as much as I was hoping, but they're still nice they're from my father in law. I also had a book that i thought was Danish and it turned out to be Swedish and a hymnal, that is not worth that much either but you know, it's still nice to know what it is," Said JoAnn, a ticket holder.

Being in Green Bay, 90% of the sports items were Packers related, sports appraiser Leila Dunbar found a hidden gem.

"It's a 1919 Indian Packing Company worker's badge, and that of course is where Curly Lambeau worked, where he approached the owner Frank Peck to get the $500 dollars for the uniforms to start his professional football team," said Leila Dunbar, Sports Appraiser for Antiques Roadshow.

Saturday's taping is for the 22nd season of Antiques Roadshow, it is the most watched ongoing show on public television, with eight and a half million viewers. The taping will produce a total of three shows.

The show has created a new meaning and a curiosity for old items around the home.

"We've gained a following and we've also changed the face of antiques and how people look at their old stuff, nobody just looks at it anymore and decides it's not worth finding out about it. Before you dump it, before you sell it, before you toss it out, we've made you ask the question, do I understand what I own?" said Marsha Bemko, Executive Producer of Antiques Roadshow.

According to Bemko, the three episodes featuring Green Bay will air sometime after the first of the year, an exact date will be figured out in the fall.