Antigo police officer receives Medal of Valor for heroics in prom shooting

Officer Hopfensperger says he was just doing his job when he stopped a shooting at Antigo High...
Officer Hopfensperger says he was just doing his job when he stopped a shooting at Antigo High School prom in 2016.(WBAY)
Published: Feb. 21, 2018 at 5:14 AM CST
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A hero’s welcome at the White House for an Antigo police officer. Officer Andrew Hopfensperger saved prom night at Antigo High School in 2016 when a shooter opened fire on students. Hopfensperger stepped in and stopped the threat and now the Antigo savior is being honored at the highest level for his actions.

President Trump presented Hopfensperger with a Medal of Valor Tuesday. The says it’s a moment he won’t soon forget.

“It feels nice to know that the administration is standing behind law enforcement and supporting us in a positive way,” said Hopfensperger.

It’s the highest decoration for bravery exhibited by a public safety officer. Hopfensperger receives this honor less than a week after a mass shooting at a Florida high school. He says he’s been able to move forward since the shooting at his hometown high school...

“Everyday just go back to work just do what I normally do. I don’t let things like that affect the way I patrol the streets,” said Hopfensperger.

Hopfensperger was one of 12 public safety officers honored here at the White House. The ceremony was another show of support for law enforcement from the Trump administration.

“You’ve earned an eternal place in our history and in our hearts,” said President Donald Trump.

Hopfensperger says he appreciates the gestures from this administration. He says the heroics of these individuals deserve some time in the spotlight.

“It’s something that some people, and some other officers wouldn’t have done and they need to be recognized and thanked for it” said Hopfensperger.

This is the second time President Trump has held a Medal of Valor ceremony.

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