Another day, another winter storm in Northeast Wisconsin

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Tuesday was a long day for people digging out of yet another snowstorm in Northeast Wisconsin. Some people were trying to stay positive while others said they are ready for spring.

“I started about 7:30 this morning just trying to get book work done and ready to open, and then we’re out here snow blowing and shoveling now, and trying to catch up and open up for this afternoon,” said Paul Koehn, owner of Pauly G’s Sports Bar in Green Bay.

Koehn said it feels like every other day he's clearing up snow -- and having to do that puts him behind on other things.

“We have plenty of other work to do, and to take more time to do this it gets to be a chore. After a while you get tired of it,” said Koehn.

There were others who were just doing their civic duty and clearing fire hydrants, like Matt Yurek in De Pere who sent Action 2 News photos of the multiple hydrants he dug out.

Also, something many of us can relate to, Paul Sager and his wife spent their afternoon clearing their driveway on the east side of Green Bay.

“Keeping the driveway open, we need to get the car out, that’s the main thing. You can sit in the house and read books for a long time, but it’s nice to get out in it as a matter of fact,” said Sager.

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