Angry customers share complaints as criminal investigation into Summit Contracting continues

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Published: Oct. 31, 2019 at 8:07 PM CDT
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Over the last 24 hours, hundreds of you have been calling, emailing and commenting on the investigation we first alerted you to Wednesday night involving local De Pere company Summit Contracting.

After repeated calls from angry customers, we began a more than four-month long investigation, discovering the company is under criminal investigation for contractor fraud in multiple counties.

Complaints have also been filed with the state consumer protection agency and the Better Business Bureau.

After seeing our original story, many of you are sharing your own stories about working with Summit Contracting and asking how to file complaints.

In many cases, what you're describing matches what law enforcement tells us could constitute criminal action.

Through all the Facebook messages, comments, emails and phone calls, we're hearing a common theme, like what this viewer tells us: "Come to find out we are not the only ones with issues with this company."

Another viewer writes: "My husband and I just got done dealing with the worst company we have ever encountered. Imagine our surprise when we turned on the news and saw your story tonight at 6pm."

That couple tells Action 2 News, their home warranty company hired Summit Contracting to repair their furnace.

After repeated delays and even going without heat, they say a technician installed an incorrect part and soon the furnace stopped working.

They say when a tech from another company arrived, he told them "a crucial piece on the furnace... that prevent(s) too much carbon monoxide flowing into the home... (had been) removed," and the furnace was putting out large amounts of CO.

Like the customers we showed you in our original story, others are telling us they, too, are paying for work that was never complete.

Another viewer writes: "We paid them in full approx. $28,000... The project sits unfinished with very little work done."

The email continues: "This is just a sample of the living hell we have been going through. It has started to affect my health with the constant stress and worry."

That family says their roof still needs to be fixed and is now covered in snow.

Some of you are also raising questions about warranties.

"If they install it incorrectly, and then they go out of business and disappear, you are out of luck," says Bellevue homeowner Melissa Wass.

She hired Summit Contracting to put a new roof on her home early this summer and worries about the status of the lifetime warranty she received with the roof.

Wass hired someone to inspect her roof, which she says was found to be okay.

Many of you tell us you're now considering also hiring inspectors or another contractor to review completed work.

We asked Consumer Protection about warranty work.

It tells us if there's a problem regarding workmanship, the warranty responsibility would fall on the business.

If it involves materials, it could involve the manufacturer, but would likely only be honored as long as the product was installed correctly.

The Better Business Bureau says it has received some complaints about Summit Contracting since our first story aired and received 874 inquiries about the company in the last 24 hours.

The Consumer Protection Agency and the BBB say you can file complaints with them.

The links to do that are below.

You can also contact your local law enforcement agency, but they generally are only involved with any question of criminal activity.

That could include issues with payments and money or receiving materials you didn't pay for.

You can send us more questions and comments by emailing us at

We are responding to the many messages as quickly as we are able.

If you have a problem, you can file a complaint with Consumer Protection.

to file your complaint online.

to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

for the original story.