An Oshkosh mom wants to "Treat a senior"

Published: May. 26, 2020 at 4:09 PM CDT
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School districts across Northeast Wisconsin are finding ways to celebrate graduating seniors who are missing out on a traditional commencement ceremony because of the coronavirus pandemic. And now the community is chipping in too.

Sad for the class of 2020, which isn't being celebrated like it should, because of the coronavirus pandemic, one Oshkosh mom is leading the charge to recognize graduating seniors.

"I have one that graduated in 2017, another one that graduated last year and then a junior this year, so he's going to be a senior and I just can't imagine them having to go through a school year like this with no official goodbyes to your teachers of friends," says Jenny Besaw.

About two weeks ago, Besaw started the "Treat a senior - Wisconsin" Facebook page. The idea is to gift graduating seniors with a basket of goodies. In most cases, parents have been nominating their kids for the recognition, but it's a movement all kinds of people are getting behind.

"I don't have a senior, but I remember what it was like to be a senior and to not be able to go through all of that stuff, it's gotta suck," says Jenn Wendt of Oshkosh.

Andrea Felzer, who has a son in the Class of 2020 adds, "I picked a North High student and then we picked one East student, who my son knows, and then there was a list of all of these seniors that hadn't been treated yet and I said alright let's pick one more."

That one more was Halle Jorgensen who was surprised with her "Treat a senior" today.

"It's pretty sweet. It's just like something to celebrate our graduation since we don't really have one," says Jorgensen

While the baskets won't replace a ceremony, graduating seniors are touched by the gesture. UW-Stevens Point graduate Sam Foote adds, "It was really sweet to see that our community was coming together and helping out the seniors, high school or college, but it was really sweet and I enjoyed it a lot."

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