Actors from the London Stage visit UWGB

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- An English acting troop makes its way across the pond, visiting UW-Green Bay on a tour of the United States.

“Instead of bringing students to London, but to bring London here,” says Emily Ransom, Assistant Professor of Humanities and English at UW-Green Bay.

Actors from the London Stage are visiting UW-Green Bay this week, bringing their craft to all kinds of classes, in everything from English Literature to Political Science.

“Showing how theater and performance is something that transcends the disciplines. Because in some ways, everything we do is a performance,” says Ransom.

The acting troop originates out of London, England, and will spend the next two months touring.

“In essence, five actors left in a room. Five weeks later, we have a show. And then that's taken to America and we have some final stage rehearsals there, and the American producers give their notes and tweaks and things, and then off we go,” says actor Chris Donnelly.

This week, actors will visit classes across the UW-Green Bay campus, putting students outside their comfort zone, to learn how to express themselves.

“So many classes that aren't involving English or literature or plays or any of that sort. It just offers a different perspective,” says Katherine Nagler, a junior at UW-Green Bay. “Although some people may not necessarily like it, I think it's just a great experience to become involved in.”

During an English Literature class, actors tried a “status” exercise with students, making each student walk across the room representing their different status.

“So there were cards that were given to us. Aces were really low status, while kings were very high status. I got to be a king,” says senior Keshena Hanson. “We were doing walking patterns, so I walked around kind of all confidently. And it was fun watching, there would be like the people who were lower status. I got to watch them kind of just go past me, as I'd step confidently through the room.”

This is the first time Actors from the London Stage has visited UW-Green Bay, and students say this is the first experience like this they’ve had on campus.

“There's never anything in depth like the actors coming to our classes to talk about this kind of stuff,” Hanson says. “So the fact that they're willing to come and show us how they do things in their productions, I just, I think it's so cool and so great of them to do that.”

The five actors make up the cast of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew,” relating the classic work to modern day.

“What I think is really lasting in Shakespeare though, is he covers the whole gambit of human emotions. I don't think there's anything that he hasn't looked at,” says Donnelly.

Actors from the London Stage will perform their rendition of the play Thursday and Friday night at UW-Green Bay’s University Theater at 7:00 p.m. On Saturday, they will perform again at 3:00 p.m. at the Brown County Library.