Abandoned Younkers building creating problems for neighbors

MANITOWOC, Wis. (WBAY) - People living behind what once was a Younkers department store in Manitowoc are frustrated. After the store closed, the property was abandoned and now there's trash, rodents, and trespassers in the area.

Greg Quint and his wife have lived in their home more than 20 years, they love their home, but the property where the Younkers once stood has become more of an eyesore, and that's one of many issues.

“There's been lack of maintenance, lack of garbage pickup. We now have rodents and feral cats running around the property, we have trespassers going through my property stealing lawn ornaments,” said Greg Quint.

Quint said he's been working and talking with the city and he's hoping by speaking up he can help his neighbors, too.

“My property value has gone down over the years because of the lack of care of the area, and my neighbors have been leaving because they're fed up with it, too, and now we've got new people coming in, they don't know the history,” said Quint.

The property where the Younkers stood looks abandoned. The trash, Greg said, is attracting rodents, and the city said this isn't the first time they've had problems at that location.

“We have again been notifying the management company, we have informed them of daily citations that will be issued, as they are not in accordance with the laws, and so that's our first step with it and we will continue looking into the matter, and continue to work with residents, until we get this thing resolved,” said Scott McMeans, City of Manitowoc Council President and alderman for District 2.

Quint said at this point he and his wife may move.

“It's discouraging. I mean, my wife works in Green Bay now, I am currently looking for employment, and I am thinking about selling my property and moving up to Green Bay, I like the area, I like my town because I grew up here all my life, but to put up with this, it's frustrating,” said Quint.

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