Update on couple that had chemotherapy date on Valentine's Day 2017

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - A couple from Freedom spent Wednesday morning reflecting on their unusual Valentine's Day date last year.

It was at a hospital getting chemotherapy together.

The two, Sally and Randy Geurts, didn't let their battle with cancer ruin the day, though.

We saw plenty of smiles then while Sally had her last chemotherapy treatment.

One year later, Geurts is thrilled to report chemotherapy treatments are still over and she's in remission from stage 2 breast cancer.

"Things have been very good, very good, I've been very active doing what I want to do," said Sally.

Randy is still fighting stage-four prostate cancer, but doctors say he's stable.

"Getting better, I'm starting to get stronger, I'm back to work fulltime now," said Randy.

Their upbeat attitude still strongly intact a year since we first met them.

"It's something you have to have a positive attitude," said Sally.

"Enjoy as many days as you can," Randy said. "You know if you're feeling good, enjoy the day, take the positives out of the day."

Sally and Randy use their experiences to give other people going through cancer a sense of hope.

"Calls from doctors around here and ask if we can meet with someone because they're having a hard time," Sally said. "They're struggling and we just talk it through."

The two were also able to visit Hawaii, Sally's dream trip.

"Figured I was the one that wanted to take her," said Randy.

"Think he liked it so much, I betcha I could talk him into going back," said Sally.

The outlook for Randy is still positive.

"He wakes up, yet, to this (her face) every day," said Sally.

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