A tasty rivalry: Wisconsin cheese curds in California

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SANTA CLARA, Cal. (WSAW) - Californians are well-versed in their wine. What goes better with wine than cheese, right? But do they know cheese curds?

Packers fans enjoy a cheese curd provided by WSAW's Dale Ryman in Santa Clara, California. (1/18/20 WSAW Photo)

We caught up with Green Bay and San Francisco fans in Santa Clara to discuss what's really important this weekend: CHEESE CURDS.

Some had no idea what a cheese curd was, while others were happy to taste one of Wisconsin's finest delicacies.

All good fun in preparation for Sunday's NFC Championship game between the Packers and the 49ers. While San Francisco may have one the first round between the two back in November, you know what the old saying is:

"Revenge is a dish best served with cheese curds."

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