A look inside new Oshkosh Arena

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) -- Action 2 News is getting an inside look at the new $21 million Oshkosh Arena.

The arena will be the home of the Milwaukee Bucks Development League, the Wisconsin Herd.

The new facility is expected to be complete by the fall, with the first game expected in November.

"From a timeline, we'll have this building enclosed by the end of next week. So we won't have to worry about the interior for weather. At that point in time we're going to start doing painting, hanging lights, etc. It's going to go quickly," said Bill Aubrey of Bayland Buildings, INC.

The arena will be able to seat 3,500 people, have multiple courts for youth sports and year round activity.

Greg Pierce of Fox Valley Pro Basketball said,"We do plan on fifty, or sixty non basketball events in the building, and we do have five events already booked and ready to go that we will be announcing over the next several weeks."

At a news conference on Wednesday, it was announced there will be free parking for event goers at the arena for the next five years thanks to Verve Credit Union.

The original cost of the building was projected at $15-16 million dollars, but went up because of a number of extra added.

Pierce said, "This building is going to have probably some of the best WIFI system of any arena in the country. We're at about 2 gig. So, and the reason for that is we're going to be offering something most other people don't. Your going to be able to actually order food off of your phone app and have it delivered to you anywhere in the arena."

The schedule for the Herd is due out in a couple of weeks.

The goal is to have the building ready for basketball no later than November 17th.